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May 18 1973, Taung, NW, 06h00

Sun sign: Taurus

Moon sign: Sagittariu­s

Ris­ing Sign: Taurus

Part of you wants to pack up and dis­ap­pear into the blue, while the other part is build­ing picket fences and in­sur­ance poli­cies. You can have both, with­out los­ing your mind. You’ve prob­a­bly al­ready worked your­self to a stand­still, while your part­ner spends all your money. This could work pro­vided you put some bound­aries in place. Ac­cept the fact that you’re the one with the tal­ent for money and cre­ate bud­gets for ev­ery­one else. Next year is about suc­cess for you, so if you’re look­ing to start a new busi­ness, May or June would be a good time. Find work that ful­fils you. Face it, you’d much rather be in charge than tak­ing orders from peo­ple. Then fac­tor in a few breaks through­out the year. You have the power and the tal­ent to cre­ate a fab­u­lous life.

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