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Cyril must be con­grat­u­lated for ap­point­ing a man of char­ac­ter

It is time for us bit­ter­bekke shout­ing about ev­ery­thing the ANC says and does to keep quiet and con­grat­u­late the pres­i­dent on ap­point­ing a man of char­ac­ter like Tito Mboweni [as fi­nance min­is­ter].

There are many more good, clever peo­ple, Mr Ramaphosa, just re­move the rub­bish cur­rently oc­cu­py­ing those seats and take SA for­ward. Iron­i­cally, the ANC will also gain tremen­dously. Jo­hannes Eras­mus, on busi­nesslive

I hear the deaf­en­ing sounds of cadres in panic ... putting locks and bolts on cup­boards hid­ing skele­tons, panic phone calls to travel agents book­ing one-way tick­ets to Dubai, mat­tresses be­ing ripped open to clear out looted money stashes, chok­ing sounds as they gulp down the last of the free John­nies, Chivas and Bell’s ...

Go get them all, Tito. Let’s see some ac­tion and cadres in hand­cuffs.

Alan Macleod, on busi­nesslive

Nh­lanhla Nene made a mis­take and paid the price, but he is an as­set, not an id­iot, and they must use his knowl­edge and skills else­where in the govern­ment. It would be a waste to have him leave com­pletely.

Pi­eter Jou­bert, on busi­nesslive

I’ll wait and see what comes out of Tito’s closet be­fore I just ac­cept that he is OK and clean.

Jus­ticeAboveAll, on busi­nesslive

Use your vote for a bet­ter SA

This is not the na­tion that showed so much prom­ise 20 years ago. Peo­ple in govern­ment and those in the cor­ri­dors of power have be­come vo­ra­cious and grasp­ing, com­plicit with each other in pro­long­ing this un­just sta­tus quo.

The lead­ers of the Nel­son Man­dela era were dis­tin­guished men and women who tried fear­lessly to re­alise the goal of a free coun­try with a sov­er­eign peo­ple con­trol­ling a govern­ment sub­ject to their will.

If our rain­bow na­tion is go­ing to re­main a bea­con of hope and free­dom, it must re­pu­di­ate that which de­grades and de­bases our com­mon moral­ity.

Our as­pir­ing lead­ers must em­brace val­ues that en­gen­der the trust of the cit­i­zenry. Over the past two decades, some of our lead­ers have been glar­ingly ex­posed as less than noble when pre­sented with power.

We have our last chance to rec­tify the sit­u­a­tion in 2019. Re­mem­ber, change is in your hands; if you fal­ter along the way, you will get the govern­ment you de­serve.

Farouk Araie, Johannesburg

Shame on you, Barnes

Mark Barnes, the CEO of the SA Post Of­fice, should hang his head in shame for his fail­ure to curb the cor­rup­tion (theft) at the Johannesburg In­ter­na­tional Mail Cen­tre as well as the huge back­log in sort­ing the mail.

Three months af­ter my daugh­ter’s death, I re­ceived a sym­pa­thy card from Aus­tralia and, as usual, a corner had been opened and then cov­ered with sticky tape. This has been the case with ev­ery card and cal­en­dar sent from Aus­tralia for the past few years.

H Nyenes, Pen­ning­ton

Seeds for weed

When are nurs­eries and su­per­mar­kets go­ing to com­mence sell­ing cannabis seedlings? I wish to ob­tain some to plant in my herb gar­den.

Clarice Blease, by e-mail

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