Some im­por­tant things you should know about sperm re­ten­tion

Sunday Times - - Up Front - Oliver Roberts

The no­tion of male sperm be­ing sa­cred and highly charged, en­ergy wise, is noth­ing new. As far back as 206BC, Chi­nese Taoist prac­ti­tion­ers ap­por­tioned pre­ma­ture age­ing, disease and fa­tigue to the life force lost through ejac­u­la­tion, or ‘Jing’. As a re­sult, Taoists prac­tised sperm re­ten­tion, which is some­thing that still car­ries on to­day.

How­ever, the idea of sperm re­ten­tion, es­pe­cially in any Western­ised set­ting, was mainly the realm of mod­ern-day Taoists and peo­ple into things like tantric sex (which has Bud­dhist/Hindu roots), and this is where No­Fap comes in: scour the fo­rums and check out their YouTube videos and you’ll read about/hear fap­stro­nauts eu­lo­gis­ing sperm re­ten­tion no end. Some fap­stro­nauts/No­Fap prac­ti­tion­ers even claim that hold­ing onto their sperm causes them to give off a pheromone or highly mys­te­ri­ous en­ergy even, that causes women to be in­ex­pli­ca­bly drawn to them without much ef­fort on the dude’s part. How­ever, one oft-cited con­tention with sperm re­ten­tion and/or fore­go­ing mas­tur­ba­tion out­right is that it can al­legedly lead to ram­pant li­bido and un­wanted erec­tions, which, one imag­ines, could eas­ily negate the afore­men­tioned pos­i­tive side-ef­fects.

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