So­hanna Ma­haraj

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March 26 1982, Durban, 09h15 Sun sign: Aries Moon sign: Aries Ris­ing Sign: Tau­rus

Feisty, aren’t you? Stub­born too. There’s only one thing hold­ing you back — a deep-seated fear that you’re just not good enough. Well, there’s not a great deal you can do about that — ex­cept learn to love this flawed lit­tle part of your per­son­al­ity. You’re pow­er­ful, tal­ented, a nat­u­ral leader — and se­cretly ter­ri­fied. So who isn’t? Think of your fear as a hand­brake that stops you from go­ing over the edge – which is some­thing you’d doubt­less do, given half a chance. You’re a ma­niac with a flaw – but a ma­niac nonethe­less. Now, what is the best way to use your gifts? Ob­vi­ously, you need to chal­lenge your­self on a daily ba­sis, re­mind your­self con­stantly that you’re very spe­cial and take on the world. This year is about hard slog with very slow re­sults.

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