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Flower delivery is nothing new, but these female-owned small businesses offer customers something unique


Anew crop of local florists is blooming with a simple, straightfo­rward approach that’s in keeping with the times. Fussy, standardis­ed arrangemen­ts, gaudy selections and unsightly packaging are falling by the wayside as these small businesses offer up something fresh, understate­d and user friendly. Same-day delivery, local supply direct from the farms and daily limited-edition arrangemen­ts are a few of the tools they’re using to change things. Petal&Post is a Cape Town-based flower delivery service which has just opened a studio in Joburg’s 44 Stanley. The brand focuses on small posies and uploads one style of posy each day, ensuring something novel every time. Orders can be placed between 7am and 1pm and the posy is delivered in the afternoon of the same day. Only the size of the posy varies, keeping things simple. An added extra is the Petal&Post market option, where you can include local gifts from scented candles to hand-knitted kids toys in your delivery. petalandpo­

Jules Kennedy’s new company Julep offers a box to bouquet delivery via an online service. What makes the business unique is the focus on experience, rather than just the blooms themselves. Jules wanted to make the act of receiving a bunch of flowers as good as the bunch itself. As such, her arrangemen­ts are delivered in a beautiful long cardboard box to protect them in transit. The receiver is then able to arrange the blooms, armed with a beautiful card with arranging tips.

Juleps’ bunches are simple, including just three to four seasonal flowers and leaves. They are also long-lasting as they arrive inbud and are given time to bloom. We particular­ly love the value add they bring with their monthly Spotify playlists, some of which have inspired the names behind their bunches — Sweet Dispositio­n, Drops of Jupiter and Special Star. Senders can also include a photograph of themselves on their cards.

Loulou D is owned by two life-long friends who offer a range of options from small to elaborate bunches and arrangemen­ts for public spaces and events. Their creations are essentiall­y works of art — their floral bunches are beautiful to look at and are finely curated and artfully put together.

The brand pays special attention to geometry, balance and style, producing arrangemen­ts that are as good as sculptures. If you haven’t heard of Loulou D before, look out the next time you are at Ethos,

Saint and Marble restaurant­s, Apsley House/ 2A, Witchery fashion and SLOW Lounge, all of whom are their clients.

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