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Use your mind to meet your goals


The language we use is enormously powerful and, with some effort, we can use it to help us reach our career goals.

“The subconscio­us mind is equivalent to a five-year-old child, and five-year-old children do not process negative language. The subconscio­us mind hears: ‘Do not eat that chocolate’ as ‘Eat that chocolate’.

“Here is how our language can change the quality of our lives. Reframing the language: ‘I want to eat food that is healthy and will provide me with the energy that I need for the day’ will align both the conscious and unconsciou­s mind,” says trauma therapist and life coach Peta Cline Feigin. She advises:

Set realistic milestones. “Setting milestones allows our attention to be deliberate. When we set milestones, it is imperative to be specific with timeframes, outcomes and intention.”

Increase your exposure to new informatio­n. “Increase your exposure to developmen­ts in communicat­ion as well as leadership styles.”

Keep like-minded, positive people close. “The exposure we have influences the narrative and self-talk we sit with.”

Keep track of your money. “This will allow you more options and more career choices in the future .”—M argaret Harris

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