Sunday Times




Each of the clues eliminates two words from the list of 37. Find the words that match the clues, cross them off the list and you’ll be left with one word. You can confirm the accuracy of your answer next week.

(a) Actors slap it on

(b) Two blues

(c) South Pacific canoe

(d) Two lying down

(e) Call-signs for dancers? (f) Two nautical ropes

(g) Analgesic

(h) Two geometric figures (i) Miss Muffet ate them

(j) Two with raw

(k) Crusoe’s daily help?

(l) Two terriers

(m) Read it to unruly mob (n) Two with tar

(o) Wide trousers

(p) Two cars for presidents? (q) Old King Cole is one

(r) Two fruit liqueurs

1. Out

2. Man

3. Act

4. Pain

5. Deal

6. Riot

7. Ford

8. Whey

9. Bags

10. Tango

11. Curds

12. Paint

13. Azure

14. Sheet

15. Brush

16. Rhyme

17. Grease

18. Cobalt

19. Supine

20. Hawser

21. Barrel

22. Oxford

23. Rigger

24. Killer

25. Friday

26. Boston

27. Cassis

28. Rhombus 29. Nursery

30. Magenta

31. Foxtrot

32. Lincoln

33. Material

34. Recumbent 35. Trapezium 36. Bedlington 37. Maraschino

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