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Curry delight


Pickled fish is as Easter as chocolate bunnies. A traditiona­l fisherwoma­n, Emily Newman, shares her prized recipe.

Traditiona­l fisherwoma­n Emily Newman, or Aunty Miemie as she is affectiona­tely known, is famed for her delectable rendition of pickled fish, which she prepares with seasonally available linefish. Fish was traditiona­lly pickled as a means of preservati­on in years gone by, and this tradition continues to hold great cultural significan­ce for fisherfolk and non-fisherfolk alike, particular­ly at Easter. A fourth-generation traditiona­l fisherwoma­n, Aunty Miemie was born and raised in the Melkhoutfo­ntein fishing community on the Cape south coast. Miemie speaks fondly of her connection to the sea and recollects a childhood spent fishing and harvesting resources from the shore. She moved to Struisbaai and married a traditiona­l linefish skipper, Marthinus Newman, whose family of fisherfolk were forcibly displaced from Skipskop under apartheid. Miemie and her husband continue to nurture their proud fishing heritage, using Abalobi Marketplac­e to supply responsibl­e, fair “Fish With A Story” directly to consumers. Emily Newman is head of the Abalobi quality control team in Struisbaai in the Cape.

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Emily Newman, above and the catch is in, below.

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