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Integrated appliances are essential for a sleek, stylish, clutter-free kitchen, says Whirlpool’s Antonio Pereira, right


The kitchen as a space and its design ethos have evolved significan­tly in recent years, with home technology reinventin­g itself all the time in response to the ever-changing needs of its users. Integrated appliances have become a new standard that is not only more functional, but also hits the aesthetics in home design as the kitchen becomes an even more central part of the home. Whirlpool’s product manager Antonio Pereira tells us about their latest collection of integrated appliances.

What are integrated appliances and what makes them better than other options?

Integrated appliances are designed to fit into your kitchen units and are concealed behind the cupboard doors. The main benefits are their space-saving properties and ability to create a sleek, clutter-free kitchen space. This is particular­ly useful if you have a compact or open-plan kitchen and also makes cleaning a whole lot easier.

What are some of the main considerat­ions when choosing integrated appliances?

The first thing to consider is the style of kitchen you want. Thankfully, integrated appliances lend themselves to multiple different kitchen styles. Choosing appliances that have a matching aesthetic, like the Whirlpool W Collection range, will allow you to design a beautiful space in whichever design style suits your preference. Secondly, you should consider which appliances you need and where would be the most convenient position for them while you work. Ensure you have water sources and electrical points where they are needed. Inform the kitchen manufactur­er of the appliances you will be selecting and make sure they have the manual to measure correct cut-out dimensions.

What are the most useful products to invest in and why?

Some of the most useful products to have as integrated appliances are integrated ovens, hobs, convection microwave ovens, refrigerat­ors and dishwasher­s. This is because these are usually highly visible, bulky appliances that occupy a lot of floor or countertop space and quickly make a stylish kitchen look cluttered. By integratin­g these appliances, you can build them into a position suitable for your needs for a more practical, seamless and sophistica­ted design. Many of them have advanced functional­ities that make your life easier, like Whirlpool’s built-in ovens from our W Collection range which enable you to cook four different dishes at the same time without mixing flavours and aromas.

Are there any integrated appliances designed for smaller kitchens?

A built-in convection microwave. This product can replace up to five of the most used appliances in your home, most notably an oven and a microwave. Our Whirlpool W Collection convection microwave oven specifical­ly can replace your oven, microwave, air fryer, traditiona­l stove top and steamer. In a small kitchen, space is critical and an appliance which can replace five other appliances is an absolute necessity. Whirlpool also has two different-sized built-in fridge/freezer combinatio­ns, very suitable for compact kitchens.

How popular are integrated appliances at the moment?

With more and more people working from home recently there has been an increased demand for integrated appliances, as they want to work in a harmonious space which suits their needs and design tastes.

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 ??  ?? Whirpool’s new W Collection built-in oven with microwave and warmer drawer, below.
Whirpool’s new W Collection built-in oven with microwave and warmer drawer, below.
 ??  ?? Whirlpool integrated dishwasher.
Whirlpool integrated dishwasher.

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