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Serves 8

6 medium onions, sliced

Oil for frying

1 whole yellowtail, or any other Fish With A Story, filleted and cut into portions



30ml (2 tbsp) ground turmeric

15ml (1 tbsp) pickled fish spice

1 bay leaf, crushed

60ml (4 tbsp) medium curry powder 500ml (2 cups) sugar

200ml brown vinegar

1 Sauté the onions in oil over low heat. Add water occasional­ly so the onions don’t stick. 2 Salt the fish then coat in flour and shallow-fry in oil. 3 Mix the spices into the sugar. Add the vinegar. Add to the onions. 4 Cook for around 10 minutes to release the flavours. 5 In a large non-metal dish, layer the sauce and fried fish.

The flavour intensifie­s after a couple of days of pickling in the fridge. The fish will keep for 2-6 months in the fridge. Story, recipe and pictures courtesy of

Abalobi is an isiXhosa word for fisher, and the name of an Africa-based social enterprise seeking to uplift smallscale fishing communitie­s through the joint developmen­t of Technology for Good.

Fish With A Story — fishwithas­ — offers fully traceable, premium quality, local seafood harvested responsibl­y by small-scale fishermen and fisherwome­n using low-impact fishing methods and supplied directly to consumers via the digital Abalobi Marketplac­e. #abalobi

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