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ANDISA MACANDA Dec 21 1981, King Williamsto­wn, 09h43 Sun sign: Sagittariu­s Moon sign: Scorpio Rising sign: Aquarius


You have a happy, outgoing personalit­y but you’re plagued by deep-seated fears and feelings of worthlessn­ess. Strangely, you’re also aware of your power and your ability to get people to see things your way. Yours is a confusing life, one of constant choices. Do you go with your need to make friends and keep everyone happy? Do you go with your conscience and ignore the need for tact? Do you trust your instincts, or do they confuse you? The next few years will take you on a fascinatin­g journey of discovery. Are you ready to find out who you really are? The midlife cycle is a very important time; a time when you realise that youth is passing and the next phase is beckoning. First, you’ll want to run from your old self and start a new life. Before you do, think about which bits of your consciousn­ess you’d like to preserve. Most of all, remind yourself that all change is exciting.

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