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- By Sanet Oberholzer

Loyiso Gola’s comedy special, Unlearning, debuted on Netflix this week. As Netflix’s first African stand-up comedy, it explores ideas around unlearning the perception­s and behaviours we learn as children. Gola has been doing stand-up comedy for two decades and says bagging a special on Netflix is a good reward to reap in his 20th year. We caught up with the comedian to find out what’s on his radar

What new purchase do you have your eye on?

This one is quite silly. I just newly renovated my place so I’m always looking for furniture, and the next thing on my list is a big mirror in my closet. I haven’t found the mirror I’m looking for, so that’s my next big purchase.

Your favourite clothing brand?

It’s a Cape Town brand called Good Good Good. Their stuff is cool, it’s high end and it’s comfortabl­e. There’s a lot of colour.

What music are you listening to? Griselda, that’s pretty much the only thing I’m pumping now. It’s grimy rap music that I’ve been listening to for a year.

You’re partnering with Netflix — what are you watching on the streaming service?

I can’t wait for the new season of Drive to Survive. It’s amazing. It’s about Formula One — all the drama and all the behind-the-scenes of the famous racing event. It’s fascinatin­g.

Number one destinatio­n on your bucket list? Japan. I only hear good things about Japan. I want to check out Tokyo and the other smaller places.

What apps are you currently using?

I have a sleeping app I use sometimes — it wakes me up and records how I sleep, your sleeping patterns and that kind of thing. It’s called Sleep Cycle.

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