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SA’s ports can’t handle the traffic as it is

Cape Town can’t even cope with the current level of traffic, “Suez jam could be felt in SA’s ports” (March 28).

Kilometre-long lines of container trucks waiting for a half-dead port authority to do a simple thing like lift a container off the truck and clear it for export.

So we have 10 ships anchored in the bay waiting for the half-dead to come out of rigor mortis for a while. Richard Bryant, on businessLI­VE

Ports not in good shape. Poor port performanc­e. Lack of maintenanc­e on mobile equipment. Is anyone really surprised? It’s a miracle that ships are still able to dock. Just another brick out of the wall.

Emergency Covid powers abused The state is abusing its emergency

Covid powers to deal with an unrelated problem. Liquor sales have nothing to do with Covid. Legislatio­n should go through parliament. We are a democracy, aren’t we?

David Davie, on businessLI­VE

More maskless in bars than taxis

People in taxis actually do wear masks. Please don’t bring them into this. The people you should be worried about are those crammed into restaurant­s and bars who take their masks off as soon as their bums hit the seat. Sometimes more than 100 people in one space.

Vuyiswa Mutshekwan­e, on businessLI­VE

Boris Johnson’s way ahead

Boris Johnson has done way better than the Europeans. We can’t even compare our response to the Brits’. They are vaccinatin­g about 1-million people a day. By July they will be all done except for some booster shots later. We can’t even vaccinate all our health workers in three months.

Ideology prevents the government from letting the medical aids do the job because it would show up the folly of the proposed National Health Insurance system.

Voters need to catch a wake-up in the local elections and finally boot the ANC out of national government next year, too. Their dithering, infighting and outright corruption are ruining the country fast.

None None, on businessLI­VE

State ineptitude has its blessings

The good thing about our government’s ineptitude is that South Africans are forced to take their own precaution­s against the disease and not sit at home and wait for the government.

As in sport, we usually do well when our backs are against the wall. Alexandr Steinberg, on businessLI­VE

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