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Get staff buy-in on sustainabi­lity

- — Margaret Harris

Companies may have big plans to address climate change, but without buyin from employees most campaigns are unlikely to ever succeed.

Nicole Roos, Nestlé business executive officer for coffee and beverages, says: “Addressing sustainabi­lity challenges requires a collective effort and a behaviour change from all of us.”

She has recent experience in this as Nestlé launched its RE Sustainabi­lity initiative in December 2020.

She advises:

Be clear. “Be transparen­t about your business objectives and what you want to achieve – and communicat­e openly with employees as this will drive their buy-in.”

Create an environmen­t that allows for innovation and creativity and the selfexpres­sion of ideas to thrive.

Ensure everyone feels comfortabl­e enough to participat­e. “Avoid a top-down instructiv­e approach: listen, engage and allow a space for views to be openly shared.”

Failure is part of success. “Encourage intelligen­t failure: our organisati­on encourages employees to be explorativ­e through trial and learning because that is how we are able to drive employee excellence.”

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