Sunday Times




Each of the clues eliminates two words from the list of 37. Find the words that match the clues, cross them off the list and you’ll be left with one word. You can confirm the accuracy of your answer next week.

(a) Dish thrown for fun!

(b) Two going with damp (c) For parasite’s money? (d) Two linked with force (e) Winning flier’s turn

(f) Two associated with ant (g) Gets brilliant shot!

(h) Two joined with moon (i) Public inquiry?

(j) Two synonyms

(k) Fair lady!

(l) Two anagrams

(m) Metallic sustenance? (n) Two suggesting hole

(o) For green politician­s? (p) Two with tie

(q) Godless gloating

(r) Two words with dry

1. New 2. Key 3. Bow 4. Pie 5. Bag 6. Gale 7. Hill 8. Open 9. Aunt

10. Iron

11. Dock 12. Roll

13. Glee

14. Flash 15. Needy 16. Sally 17. Mouse 18. Party 19. Course

20. Sponge 21. Sherpa 22. Garden 23. Unholy 24. Flange 25. Rising 26. Eaters 27. Camera 28. Seraph 29. Custard 30. Victory 31. Feeding 32. Rations 33. Breaker 34. Crescent 35. Question 36. Indigent 37. Cleaning

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