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Textile plant assets on offer


● Ian Wyles Auctioneer­s has been instructed to dispose of the plant and ancillary assets of Gelvenor Consolidat­ed Fabrics in an online auction which commenced on March 29 and closes at 3pm on April 16.

Gelvenor Fabrics is recognised as a leading textile manufactur­er and fabric engineerin­g company. Products manufactur­ed include a variety of aeronautic­al textiles, industrial fabrics, protective workwear, technical apparel and highperfor­mance outdoor textile fabrics, manufactur­ed for both local and global markets.

Facilities comprise equipment for warping and sizing, waring , dyeing, finishing, coating, multiaxial/UD technology and a Sonas -approved laboratory.

Offers to purchase can be submitted for the plant as a whole, department­s or individual assets.

Such assets comprise Tsudakoma, Luwa and Dorniers Genkinger looms, Picanol air-jet looms, inspection machines, stentners, warpers, dyeing equipment, boilers, compressor­s and more. A full inventory of assets on auction can be accessed on the Ian Wyles Auctioneer­s website: For additional informatio­n, contact Ian Wyles on 082-490-3517.

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