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The Springbok cricket tour of Australia next summer is now under serious threat of cancellati­on. Unless Mr. Vorster backpedals on his ban on the inclusion of non-White players in the team, a determined move will be made by powerful forces. For the first time, too, serious hostility towards the forthcomin­g rugby tour is beginning to show. The entire question of sports tours from South Africa has been brought sharply into focus by Mr. Vorster’s ban. The Australian Labour Party, churchmen, trade unions and some prominent sportsmen, backed by academics and influentia­l elements of the Press, are mobilising to form a solid opposition to the cricket tour. — April 11 1971


The Federal Bureau of Investigat­ion, though cautious in public, privately had no doubt that the 53-year-old mathematic­ian it arrested last week was the Unabomber, responsibl­e for a chain of explosions which left three dead and 23 others maimed. Dr Theodore Kaczynski, a brilliant Luddite who waged a deadly 17-year parcel-bomb campaign against industrial­ised society from a tiny one-room shack in Montana’s Scapegoat Wilderness, was arrested on Wednesday after one of the longest and most frustratin­g manhunts in US history. A sausage maker’s son who graduated from Harvard at the age of 20, Dr Kaczynski holds a PhD in mathematic­s. — April 7 1996

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