Sunday Times

Egghead with egg on his face

- Lwazi Lushaba

His logic, like that of all mamparas, is scrambled and hard to follow. Lwazi Lushaba, a political science lecturer at the University of Cape Town, claims “Hitler committed no crime.” Reason? “All Hitler did was to do to white people what white people had normally reserved for black people.” So, Doc, two wrongs in your world do make a right, right? Anyway, it turns out this mampara of a lecturer corrupted an original quote by pan-African scholar Aimé Césaire, sourced from his Discourse on Colonialis­m. But it’s a complete misreading, as could be expected from a mampara. Hitler’s genocide is a horrible crime, mampara.

In the same way, Google medicine makes no-one a doctor. We wonder how this quasi-intellectu­al got his PhD if he can’t even get basic research right.

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