Sunday Times

PhD in nursing a grievance


The meeting between the Nkandla Crooner and the ANC leaders had been delayed for weeks, with the ANC claiming it was trying to find a suitable date. It turns out Baba kaD had no intention of meeting McBuffalo. He was still sulking because McBuffalo withdrew his appeal challengin­g the Thuli Madonsela recommenda­tion that the judge to chair the state capture commission be chosen by the chief justice, and because the president withdrew state funding for his corruption trial. But Baba kaD revealed he is even angrier with McBuffalo for refusing to allow him to remain president for a further six months so that he could introduce the Buffalo Soldier to the same branch members that had elected him at Nasrec. He said McBuffalo never came back to him to inform him that the proposal had been rejected. “I mean, I’ve been with the comrades, no respect to say let’s go to him and say look sorry, we can’t take that decision … Just forget about this fellow, let him go.”

It couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

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