Sunday Times

Making amends to Israel haters


I was quite taken aback by the sheer volume of anti-Israel rhetoric in the Sunday Times (April 4). In response to a piece by Tony Leon published the week before, you’ve certainly made amends to the Israel haters.

These haters of the Jewish state all have the same modus operandi — combine fact with fiction and ensure that what you don’t want aired is avoided.

Israel is far from perfect. It has many flaws, and the way it has approached the “Palestinia­n problem” in recent years has destroyed much trust and faith in the region, including within Israel itself.

But anybody who has visited Israel has seen that it is not an apartheid state. Calling it that diminishes the true evils of apartheid.

However, most of Israel’s Arab neighbours are racists and misogynist­s. Women’s rights have been openly abused since time immemorial.

Jews have been residents of the Middle East for centuries, yet they were evicted from most countries and had their land and possession­s confiscate­d. Do these vociferous critics of Israel have an acceptable name for that racism?

David Wolpert, Rivonia

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