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Don’t bring race into it


I could not agree more with John Willis’s comments in response to Makhudu Sefara’s opinion piece on Eskom’s André de Ruyter. My first reaction upon reading the article was that the experience­d journalist had allowed himself to descend to gutter journalism — indeed it was sneering and amateurish, without even attempting to provide critical, practical, workable solutions for a complex problem.

By introducin­g the emotive race factor, he pandered to the last defence of those who struggle to provide creative innovation on problems of whatever nature. I am not in defence of the hamstrung De Ruyter, who has his own managerial problems at Eskom — including the patently prepostero­us Duvha coal supply deal at above-market prices, the Oracle Corp quagmire and the ridiculous­ly hiked electricit­y tariff.

I am attacking the poor quality of Sefara’s article, which lacked objectivit­y as it launched a tirade of personal attacks on the Eskom executive on account of his race. If race were to be proffered as guidance for executive competence, or lack thereof, it would be worth observing who accounted for Eskom’s collapse.

Trevor Mdaka, Hurlingham

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