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Madikizela lashes out in CV storm


● Embattled Western Cape DA leader Bonginkosi Madikizela says he is being pushed out of the party because he refuses to toe the line of a clique that controls the party.

Madikizela was exposed this week for having claimed to have qualificat­ions in his biography that he does not hold. He has since been suspended for 14 days by both Western Cape premier Alan Winde and the DA.

DA insiders have questioned why he allegedly lied about his qualificat­ions, and others, opposed to him, said his time with the party is over because of the scandal.

Madikizela said yesterday that he is disgusted by the double standards of some of his DA colleagues.

Though he did not refer to them by name, Madikizela said there were some who came out to defend leaders accused of similar things this week but who did not say a word about him.

Party chief whip Natasha Mazzone was the subject of intense scrutiny over her own Wikipedia page, which had several edits about a law qualificat­ion — something she has not obtained.

“I am disgusted by a clique in the DA that is playing God with our lives, a clique that is selectivel­y targeting us when they believe that they are done with us. Let us not be naive, this so-called exposé has nothing to do with doing something right. It has everything to do with putting me in my place because I dared to challenge for mayorship, something they believe must be reserved for certain individual­s,” said Madikizela. “It really terrified them that someone like me, that they cannot control, could become the mayor of Cape Town.”

He declined to name the people he said are part of the clique but said it is a grouping of powerful leaders in the party who believe that he, and others he did not name, are mere visitors in the party who must come and go whenever they choose.

Madikizela said he had humbled himself and apologised for the scandal, but there are people who have informatio­n about wrongdoing by other party members and are manipulati­ng processes in the DA.

“They use resources, they are connected to the powerful rich people, but this needs to be fought,” said Madikizela.

A number of leaders in the party who spoke to the Sunday Times on condition of anonymity questioned the falsehoods in his biography.

“What I would like to know is why he lied about it. And when he lies about this, what else did he lie about?” said one leader in the Cape metro.

Another leader in the party said Madikizela was done in the party and the province will soon elect a new leader.

“Some of his allies are turning against him, they no longer want him,” said the leader.

Another party leader said the only option Madikizela has is to resign as leader and from the mayoral race and hope he keeps his provincial MEC job.

“If he gets disqualifi­ed from the mayorship race for this, how do you justify him keeping his position in government and still being a party leader?” asked the leader.

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Bonginkosi Madikizela

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