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Each of the clues eliminates two words from the list of 37. Find the words that match the clues, cross them off the list and you’ll be left with one word. You can confirm the accuracy of your answer next week.

(a) Applause? Hardly!

(b) Two meaning turgid

(c) Child may hang on mother’s (d) Two make lie-detector

(e) Anglo-European connector (f) Two make a sporting weapon (g) Conceals iron hand

(h) Two together are idiotic

(i) Straw hat — or chicken

(j) Two with fruit

(k) The greenhouse effect

(l) Two cetaceans

(m) Penance to wear it

(n) Two mushrooms

(o) Down under, it’s honest!

(p) Two make a festive cup

(q) Hide quietly

(r) Two make fog — or pottage

1. Leg 2. Cep 3. Lie 4. Pea 5. Gun 6. Slow 7. Poly 8. Shot 9. Hare 10. Hair 11. Fair

12. Horn 13. Wine 14. Soup 15. Apron 16. Salad 17. Whale 18. Graph 19. Glove

20. Shirt

21. Doggo

22. Velvet

23. Global

24. Mulled 25. Boring 26. Tunnel 27. Oyster

28. Dinkum 29. Swollen 30. Channel 31. Strings

32. Brained 33. Machine 34. Warming 35. Dolphin 36. Handclap 37. Inflated

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