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Best of the Flikker & Flash festival



By Antoinette Kellermann, Wessel Pretorius, Phillip Rademeyer, Melissa Myburg, Ira Blanckenbe­rg, Cintaine Schutte and Bianca Oosthuizen

Boasting a stylistic structure, this is a poetic reflection on one’s life and suffering. It is complement­ed by Kellermann’s quiet leadership.

YAKABANI LE PANTY (translates into ‘whose panty is this’)

By Carin Bester and Peggy Mongoato

This performanc­e-art piece is a meditation on femicide, genderbase­d violence and rape. There are no words. Just profound provocatio­n, anguish, solidarity and connection rooted in the ritualisti­c action.


By Chase Lutron, Danneline Ramsden, Farrol Coetzee, Jerome Rex, Phumlani Mndebele, Sinethemba Bibi,Whaden Johannes and Wilken Calitz

This is an encouragin­g promise of what the South African version of hip-hop theatre could look like. With elements of dance, spoken word, rap, music and pop culture, it tackles identity and personal histories.

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