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With eight years of showcasing the brightest talents in the South African art space, Candice Berman takes her expertise from her eponymous gallery to bring fashion to life through the work of Secret Room boutique’s Emma van Dooren. Known as a “little slice of designer heaven”, Secret Room has been home to premium must-have garments, accessorie­s and handbags from around the globe.

Finding common ground through their mutual aesthetics, Berman and Van Dooren collaborat­ed in Curate: The Collection with high-end scarves that are inspired by art. The 30 vibrant scarves featured in the collection symbolise the “proliferat­ion of beauty”. Designed by the 10 artists who will be exhibiting, the first of the series will feature France-born artist Elsa Duault.

“Since I bring the artistic element to the collaborat­ion I have designed a package that is a holding place for each scarf,” Berman explains. “It basically echoes the idea of the art work being framed.

“The first collection that we’ve done has been printed onto a winter weight, which is a cashmere and Naadam blend. It’s very lightweigh­t but still has that warmth of the cashmere with the Naadam adding that beautiful softness to it.

“They are oversized so you can wear them as a wrap to show off the full design or you can actually fold them into a scarf.” Thango Ntwasa

The exhibition will be open to the public on May 6 at the Candice Berman Gallery and Secret Room.

 ??  ?? A local exhibition makes two familiar worlds collide.
A local exhibition makes two familiar worlds collide.
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