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Each of the clues eliminates two words from the list of 37. Find the words that match the clues, cross them off the list and you’ll be left with one word. You can confirm the accuracy of your answer next week.

(a) It goes up, down and round (b) Two put on spot

(c) Sultry sporting event

(d) Two may be nouveau

(e) Thrilling

(f) Two take cocoa

(g) Keeps horse’s head down (h) Two may be raw

(i) He looks at speech

(j) Two leopards

(k) A hardy sketch

(l) Two get cash

(m) As low as you can get?

(n) Two with custard

(o) Faulty initial propositio­n (p) Two could be super

(q) Take a disapprovi­ng look (r) Two with cow

1. Lip 2. Dim 3. Sun 4. Art 5. Pie 6. Snow 7. Flow 8. Rock 9. Lick

10. Race 11. Bean 12. Gale 13. Silk

14. Nail 15. View 16. Light 17. Riche 18. Spine 19. Boned

20. Thumb

21. Apple

22. False

23. Basis

24. Point

25. Spiral

26. Butter

27. Martin

28. Reader

29. Bottom

30. Charge

31. Harness 32. Clouded 33. Premise 34. Catcher 35. Tingling 36. Conductor 37. Staircase

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