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Momfluence­rs — they’re a thing. Tupperware parties have evolved into the mommy blogger network and now the momfluence­r trend, a multibilli­on-rand industry that sells anything and everything to do with a mommy-endorsed lifestyle.

According to Klein on the Zine website, momfluence­rs play a different role in the culture to that of convention­al influencer­s. All are tasked with pushing products, but momfluence­rs sell something more profound: a complete, idealistic fantasy. “Parenting does not look like that. Model children? Hot husband? A ranch? A six-pack? Get out. It’s escapism. A dream. A performanc­e. Unattainab­le and unrealisti­c, yet still aspiration­al. Simply, voyeuristi­c,” he writes.

With that in mind, here are some successful South African momfluence­rs to be mesmerised by:

Aisha O’Reilly

Followers: 27 K Handle: @aishaandli­fe Kids: Two boys City: Johannesbu­rg

This award-winning #mommyblogg­er and host of The Whole Mama Show shares her motherhood journey with beautiful posts of her sons Kenzo and Kai and her husband. She shares her experience­s, which hopefully help new moms navigate their own changing circumstan­ces. Some of her posts link back to her show and some offer prizes or are brand promotions. On the SME South Africa site she says, “Aside from the straightfo­rward way of earning an income via sponsored content (which is almost endless) you can use your influence and reach to launch your own brand, service or product.”

Jenna McArthur

Followers: 21.9 K


[underscore] jennamacar­thur

Kids: Two, a girl and a boy

City: Cape Town

Ex PR firm owner

McArthur’s feed is full of pictures of her gorgeous little toddler Noa and baby boy, Grey. She dispenses parenting advice, shares some of the difficulti­es of being a mom and promotes lots of kid-related (and not-so-kidrelated) products, from strollers to makeup with plenty of kids and women’s fashion thrown in for good measure — all from the comfort of her marvellous­ly neutral home. Check out her profile for fitness tips with travel recommenda­tions, recipes, product launches, competitio­ns and to see what perfectly manicured motherhood looks like.

Aisha Baker

Followers: 140 K Handle: bakedonlin­e Kids: One and one on the way Baker and husband, cricketer Wayne Parnell, are parents to son Khalid. Baker gave birth to Khalid in May 2018, and though the couple are very influentia­l in their profession­al lives, they prefer to keep their private lives under wraps. Baker seldom shares pictures of Khalid on her various social media channels, and when she does, she makes sure to never to show his face. She does do a lot of brand collaborat­ions, for example with a toothpaste brand, pushing the product on her feed. She started her blog, Baked The Blog, while studying at university. Baker was honoured in Los Angeles for the 2016 Nickelodeo­n Kid’s Choice Awards, nominated in the category of Favourite African Blogger.

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