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Motherhood is a rich vein of comedy, especially when tapped by real-life mothers


Thanks to the coronaviru­s, Mother’s Day is possibly looking a little different this year. For better or worse, you might not be seeing your mother in the flesh. If you are a mother, you probably won’t get to indulge in the dubious Mother’s Day pampering usually doled out on this special day for you. If you are in luck, you may be subjected to breakfast in bed, if you can ignore the ruckus made by the avalanche of pots and pans being used i n the kitchen. But, blessed by the streaming gods, we still have TV, and thank all that is holy for that.

If you’re a mom who just wants to feel some connection to other moms, or you just want to laugh, let these shows illuminate the life-altering trials and tribulatio­ns of motherhood.

Workin’ Moms

A Canadian comedy in which each mom has her own set of challenges as they navigate what it means to be a working mother in the 2010s.

Is it an accurate depiction of motherhood? It’s almost too real sometimes.

Ali Wong – Hard Knock Wife & Baby Cobra

Wong pulls no punches about motherhood truths. Talking about her firstborn while pregnant with another child, she addresses the stay-at-home vs working conundrum and tackles totally recognisab­le subjects like checking for who pooped, joining a moms’ club, and the pain of breastfeed­ing.

Is it an accurate depiction of motherhood? Yes, plus it will make you want to drink wine with your new best friend Ali.

Tig Notaro – Happy to be Here

As a mom of twin boys, Notaro shares her unique style of parenting and how it may appear to others.

Is it an accurate depiction of motherhood? Yes, for everyone who ever had to keep a straight face at mothers’ group.

The Letdown

Premise: A comedy set in Australia about becoming a new mother and having a very odd new-moms’ group to turn to.

Is it an accurate depiction of motherhood? It’s for anyone who wandered aimlessly during the first year of a child’s life.


A comedy about a working mom in London.

Is it an accurate depiction of motherhood? Yes. She’s disorganis­ed and all over the place, so you’ll likely feel pretty good about your parenting.

Big Little Lies

Premise: A drama about northern California moms and all their scheming, competing, backstabbi­ng, hilarious, glamourous behaviour.

Is it an accurate depiction of motherhood? Nope, but it’s a damn good watch. Will it make you feel good about your parenting? If you haven’t killed someone, then yes.

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