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June 5 1965, Edenburg, 04h00 Sun sign: Gemini Moon sign: Leo Rising sign: Taurus

Money is your biggest problem and also the source of your greatest potential success. You’re able to spot a good deal and figure out ways to make almost any business pay. But your downfall is that you’re terrified of failure, so you allow other people to make decisions for you. This is the year to change your destiny, particular­ly after your birthday. Firstly, you have to acknowledg­e that you have an extremely short attention span, and once you’re bored with something you tend to let it fall apart. You’ll need to ensure you’re managing more than one project at a time. Secondly, you’ll need to open yourself to change. You’ve become stubborn and fearful, blocking the energy flow. The planet of sudden and unexpected change has moved into your life. Let it have some fun. Teach yourself to be flexible. Best of luck.

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