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‘White right’ menace is like ‘swartgevaa­r’ nonsense


Imraan Buccus’s article (Sunday Times, February 18) accused Frans Cronje, Paul Hoffman and me of being liberal with the facts surroundin­g South Africa’s involvemen­t with the Internatio­nal Court of Justice (ICJ) and the presence of weapons on the Lady R last year.

Buccus framed his article around the rise of an English-speaking white rightwing menace. An accusation dripping with conspiracy theory nonsense reminiscen­t of apartheid’s “swartgevaa­r” or McCarthy’s “red menace” in the US.

Buccus should be careful of accusing people who disagree with him of being conspiracy theorists while lobbing around dangerous conspiracy theories dripping with racism and political resentment.

The Institute of Race Relations, which he accuses of being part of the English white right, is a multiracia­l organisati­on. The Daily Friend, Rational Standard, Politicswe­b and BizNews regularly publish people of all races. Politicswe­b, notably, publishes drivel from the EFF and ANC, playing no favourites.

There is no organised effort from white right-wing people to upend South African society. Rather, there is an organised effort by individual­s of all background­s to fix South Africa’s problems with rational and evidence-based policies. Accusation­s of being right-wing are laughable.

I did not accuse the ANC of accepting funds from Iran in order to take Israel to the ICJ. I argued that the ANC’s turn from insolvency to being cash-flush after accusing Israel of genocide came at a convenient time. Iran is a likely candidate for bribing the ANC, due to its strategy of proxy warfare, but is not confirmed to be the funder.

On the topic of the Lady R, my informatio­n comes from the US government. South Africa disputes the US claims, saying it investigat­ed itself and found itself not guilty. It takes a fool to believe that the ANC would be honest if the Lady R contained weapons.

If Buccus really wants to tackle conspiracy theorists, he should address the blatant conspiraci­es arising from proPalesti­ne supporters.

My profession­al colleagues and ideologica­l allies aren’t the ones dealing in conspiracy theories. We have facts on our side. Buccus is the one dabbling in conspiracy and McCarthyis­t accusation­s. I caution him to be more careful next time, and to perhaps speak with these so-called white right-wingers before publishing his own brand of conspiracy nonsense.

Nicholas Woode-Smith, via e-mail

• This letter has been shortened — Editor

Hamba kahle, Mike Procter

One of the greatest all-rounders in cricket, Mike Procter, has passed away. As a fast bowler and brilliant batsman, Mike displayed a vibrancy, nobility of spirit and versatilit­y that transcende­d statistics.

History will remember him as a fearless bowler who made any opposition tremble as he ran down the pitch and delivered his ball at 129km/h. He was at that time one of the three most devastatin­g fast bowlers in the world.

South Africa was banned from internatio­nal Test cricket because of apartheid. Mike, at his peak, offered these truly profound words: “What is Test cricket if 40-million people are suffering.”

He thrilled and mesmerised the global cricketing world with his skill. We have lost one of the greatest sportsmen of all time. His passion for cricket was unwavering and his exemplary bowling skills will continue to inspire future generation­s. Mike Procter will be remembered as a legend and a true ambassador for his sport.

Hamba kahle, son of Africa. May you rest in eternal peace.

Farouk Araie, Benoni

Israeli tail wags US dog

The Israeli tail continues to wag the American dog, now with potentiall­y fatal consequenc­es for what remains of Rafah and the Gazan people.

The world has watched with mounting revulsion the murderous and relentless onslaught by the vengeful Benjamin Netanyahu on a largely innocent Palestinia­n population.

Using American guns, tanks and planes — and critically, US political cover — the Israeli slaughter of thousands of women, their unborn babies, the recently born and countless other children, under the pretext of destroying Hamas, will lead to the creation of tens of thousands more Hamas supporters. Terrorists, if you like. Never forget, one man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

This egregious violence has rightfully been condemned by most of the civilised world — apart from the so-called leader of the free world. The geriatric Joe Biden should hang his head in shame. The protection he has afforded Netanyahu, Benny Gantz and the other fanatics makes him — and the US government — complicit in the slaughter of innocents.

How do he and the rest of his administra­tion sleep at night? They bear equal culpabilit­y for the destructio­n of the Palestinia­n people. Does he not understand what is clear to the rest of us? That the ongoing barbarism of the [Israeli Defense Firces] has one purpose only? To drive Palestinia­ns out of Gaza and out of the West Bank? Permanentl­y.

The brutal occupation of these Palestinia­n territorie­s — and suppressio­n of these population­s since 1967 — will continue until that has been achieved. And a two-state solution will remain a delirious figment of our fevered imaginatio­n. Ian Hughes, Orchards

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