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Meeting a critical need for on-demand access to medical records

Arvind Raichur is the CEO of Eagle Intelligen­t Health


Tell me about Eagle Intelligen­t Health and the services it offers?

Eagle Intelligen­t Health is a secure telehealth platform that allows patients to connect with skilled South African doctors on the app from anywhere, regardless of location. Patients can start affordable telemedici­ne video visits and get shareable electronic sick notes and prescripti­ons sent right to their phones.

The app can hold all your essential medical records, including prescripti­ons and more. Your personal medical record will be accessible anywhere if you have internet access, which means you can always stay informed on your health. You’ll even have access to a convenient patient snapshot, an easy-to-understand summary of your health history.

What do you think makes you good at what you do?

My effectiven­ess stems from a combinatio­n of factors, including a clear vision for the company’s future, a genuine passion for the work we do, and a strong emphasis on strategic leadership. By articulati­ng a compelling vision, I inspire my team to align their efforts towards common goals, fostering a sense of purpose and direction.

How did you end up as co-founder of Eagle Intelligen­t Health?

The time I spent as my mom’s caregiver was rewarding, but also one of the most stressful situations I have ever lived through. Throughout it, my wife and I had constant conversati­ons about our frustratio­ns with the process, and what we could do as entreprene­urs to help fix the experience for other people. I realised that the doctors providing her treatment often struggled to maintain a

comprehens­ive clinical picture of her ailments, prescripti­ons, and past procedures, particular­ly during emergencie­s. Her extensive medical history, stemming from various sources, posed a significan­t challenge.

This highlighte­d that there was a critical need for on-demand access to easily understand­able medical records. By maintainin­g an up-to-date summary of her conditions, medication­s and allergies, we could effectivel­y advocate for her. Without this crucial informatio­n, ensuring the best possible care would have been impossible.

This experience motivated my wife and I to establish the company.

What do you look for when recruiting?

When recruiting, I prioritise individual­s who exhibit a strong sense of passion, drive and creativity in their thought processes. Passion fuels dedication and commitment, driving individual­s to excel in their roles and contribute meaningful­ly to the organisati­on.

Likewise, a driven attitude demonstrat­es resilience and a willingnes­s to tackle challenges head-on. Additional­ly, I value creativity in thought processes as it fosters innovation and the ability to generate novel solutions to complex problems, ultimately driving the company’s growth and competitiv­eness. By seeking out individual­s who embody these traits, I aim to build a team that is not only capable but inspired to achieve excellence and drive positive change within the organisati­on.

What mistake at work taught you an important life lesson?

Maybe not at work, but one lesson I learnt was from the pandemic and how powerful virtual consultati­ons could be. Trapped inside our homes and fearful of walking into crowded rooms, we saw how telemedici­ne could not only keep people safer but also lower the costs of basic health care.

What advice do you have for the matriculan­ts of 2023?

I would encourage them not to be afraid of considerin­g entreprene­urship as an option and go into well-establishe­d industries for opportunit­ies to improve them. Often the biggest disruption­s come from companies outside a specific area. When people talk about needing to think outside the box, I find the best strategy is to be outside the box to begin with. A great example of this is that Uber was not built out of a taxi company, Amazon was not built out of a retailer and Tesla was not built from a car company. The ability to think outside the box and solve existing problems in new ways is key to being an entreprene­ur. If you see a problem and you think you have a better solution, go for it.

 ?? Picture: Supplied ?? Arvind Raichur says his difficult experience as caregiver to his ill mother made him seek an easier way to access to a patient’s medical history.
Picture: Supplied Arvind Raichur says his difficult experience as caregiver to his ill mother made him seek an easier way to access to a patient’s medical history.

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