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Beverley Feinblum

February 10 1966, Johannesbu­rg, 10am

Sun sign: Aquarius

Moon sign: Libra

Rising Sign: Aries

Those mad relationsh­ip transforma­tions may have left you flounderin­g. But you’re tougher than you think. This is the year to figure out what you really want — and get it. If it’s not available, move on. You have talent and natural luck on your side. Have you noticed you’re always the lucky one? And no, that doesn’t mean drama never comes your way. But it does mean there’s always an available solution. Of course, you may have to temper those rages occasional­ly. Fortunatel­y, you have natural charm and sex appeal. Even so, the next three years will be mildly challengin­g. The planets are pushing you to choose between upcoming old age — and mastery over your life. Which means you’ll be manoeuvred into choices and decisions you didn’t realise you wanted to make. Remember though, there’s always someone looking out for you. This is an exciting time. You’ll realise that when you look back on it when the madness has moved on.


Feb 19 - Mar 20

Consider this your week off. It’s your time to order one of those makeovers or buy something grotesquel­y overpriced. Then get your self-indulgent behind back on the couch. The doorbell is about to ring. The oysters are getting cold. And that drama at work? Next week it will all be fine. For now, everything you think, do or say only serves to make you happier. You can check on everyone else’s needs when you’re good and ready.


Mar 21 - April 19

We all have times when we’re not at our most brilliant. And right now, you simply can’t be bothered to behave like a mensch. Don’t beat yourself up. This energy will pass. But while it’s here, take a closer look at your relationsh­ip with yourself. Are you giving yourself the attention you deserve? Or are you charging on, forgetting that you, too, are only human? And occasional­ly even you need a hug.


Apr 20 - May 21

The frustratio­ns are coming to an end. Not today, maybe, but soon. That idiot at work is about to discover that no-one can do exactly what you can do, and that we all have our unique contributi­ons to make. That endlessly unresolved relationsh­ip will finally change or move on. And you? Well, you’re still looking for alternativ­e ways to express yourself. Don’t be shy. Say yes to everything. Expect applause.


May 22 - Jun 20

Sure, a secret affair is always fun. But make sure you know where to draw the line or hideous personal problems could result. Better still, ask yourself why the love is annoying you so much. Is it that you’re needing space? Or that your lover is needing more attention? Explain your needs gently. And actually listen to the replies. Then take this week to rethink your plans. Spontaneou­s decisions are not always the best ones.


June 21 - Jul 22

You’ve got a full month to organise your money before the planets take a break and leave you to your own devices. And since you have this peculiar need to test anyone who wants to help, you’ll have to rely on yourself to bail you out. Unless, of course, you choose — for once — to play safe, buy nothing and focus on mending your career. In fact, now would be the perfect time to learn how to handle money. You’ll be good at it once you get your confidence back.


Jul 23 - Aug 22

Sometimes planning it is better than actually doing it. So go ahead, fantasise. The career is open to offers — and there are plenty of those. The love life is spinning: wild, exhausting and apparently nothing to do with you. For some reason you’ve adopted the position of onlooker — watching and (hopefully) learning, but not committing. Well, it’s your life. Play those mind games as long as you like and then get back on the horse.


Aug 23 - Sep 22

This is where your morality may need a closer look. Someone in your financial arena is trying to dodge the details — leaving you with the resulting dramas. Think of this as a cosmic test. You can either dump the problem in someone else’s lap, or you can stop the buck here, and handle it yourself. At least that way you’ll know exactly where everyone stands. And you’ll master some new skills in the process.


Sep 23 - Oct 22

Been keeping secrets, have you? The planets are about to shove them into the light. You have until month-end to handle it your own way. After that, it’s back to the future, where frustratio­ns could take precedence over triumphs. Not necessaril­y, though. If there’s a health issue, deal with it. If there’s simply too much work, ask for help. For the rest, communicat­e. You’re good at that. Besides, there’s no point collapsing in a heap. No-one’s impressed with that.


Oct 23 - Nov 21

Unexpected changes in your love life stir up all sorts of emotions you’d forgotten you had. So start sharing your dreams with someone you love. In fact, go on a trip together. It’s time. Meanwhile, all the changes could leave you feeling out of balance. Try breathing exercises to keep you calm, then make a list of new plans. Your energies are changing fast. Your life just needs to catch up.


Nov 22 - Dec 21

Don’t fret about that tedious little legal problem. Sure, there may be some tense moments, but the end result is sure to go your way. For future reference though, read the fine print! Oh yes, and ensure you’re paying for something real instead of just a label. Right, end of lecture. Good news: love is after you. Turn around and look. At the very least, you’ll find someone keen to help you with your paperwork. And that’s almost as good as a lover.


Dec 22 - Jan 19

Your reputation is at stake. Not that you particular­ly care — or so you say. But why not avoid the argument altogether by aligning yourself with people whose principles resemble your own? You see, taking up arms now would be a bad idea. Much more important is to get the job done — you know, the one you were fighting about in the first place. Either way, the planets are on your side. Make your choices as you go.


Jan 20 - Feb 18

Yet again you’ve managed to annoy virtually everyone who knows you. And one of these days you’re going to realise that not everyone is as revolution­ary or fearless as you are. Change is difficult for other people. Try approachin­g new subjects gently or you’re going to have some real opposition. And how about a night off? Your friends are missing you. Remember them? They’re the ones who don’t mind your nuttiness.

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