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Sunday Times - - Puzzles - By Trivia Tom

This week’s theme is al­pha­bet soup. 1. What “A” in opera is the name of a long com­po­si­tion for solo voice and in­stru­men­tal ac­com­pa­ni­ment?

2. What “B” are fla­geo­let and can­nellini?

3. What “C” is an Amer­i­can rap­per who has had num­ber 1 hits in 2017/2018 with “Bo­dak Yel­low”, “I Like It” and “Girls Like You” with Ma­roon 5? A) Charli XCX, B) Carli B, C) Ciara, D) Chanel West Coast

4. What “E” is a coun­try that Mar­garet Thatcher’s son, Mark Thatcher, pleaded guilty to or­gan­is­ing a coup in?

5. What “F” won an Os­car for play­ing the mu­si­cian Ray Charles in the biopic “Ray”?

6. What “G” are grown by viti­cul­tur­ists?

7. What “H” is a Dutch artist who painted the “Laugh­ing Cav­a­lier”?

8. What “I” is a Bea­tles song with the open­ing line: “Oh yeah I, tell you some­thing, I think you’ll un­der­stand”?

9. What “J” has played Nick Fury in “Mar­vel Cine­matic Uni­verse” since 2008?

10. What “K” cap­tained the English foot­ball team at the 2018 Fifa World Cup?

11. What “L” is a city that hosted the 1984 Olympic Games?

12. What “M” is the Bri­tish ship that was trans­port­ing South African (mainly black) troops in 1917 when it was rammed by a large cargo ship and sank, killing 646 troops?

13. What “N” is a TV drama se­ries fol­low­ing the lives of coun­try mu­sic singers in Ten­nessee? It stars Con­nie Brit­ton, Hay­den Panet­tiere and Clare Bowen. A) “Nu­gent”, B) “Ne­braska”, C) “Nashville”, D) “Ninety-Nine”

14. What “O” is a John Stein­beck novel re­volv­ing around the char­ac­ters Lenny and Ge­orge?

15. What “P” is a novel by Jane Austen fea­tur­ing the Ben­net fam­ily?

16. What “R” was the one-drop test, the brown paper bag test and the pen­cil test used for his­tor­i­cally?

17. What “S” are Pit­man and Gregg two types of?

18. What “T” is a US State where you’d find the cities of Austin, Dal­las and Hous­ton?

19. What “U” is the name given to the shadow of the earth on the moon?

20. What “W” is the name for the phe­nom­e­non of ghostly light seen over marshes (also known as jacko’-lantern) thought to be caused by ox­i­dis­ing meth­ane and phos­phine? An­swers on this page

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