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1. C) CNN 2. B) African civet (it’s an om­ni­vore, the rest are in­sec­ti­vores) 3. Toto — “Africa” 4.A)SirSeretse­Khama 5.Nile 6.Sa­fari 7.Egypt 8.Nige­ria 9.B)Mozam­bique 10.Leonar­doDiCaprio 11.La­gos 12.D)Kenya 13.A)Sene­gal 14.Zam­bia(thenNorth­ern Rhode­sia) 15. B) North Korea 16. A) Egypt 17. Zim­babwe (also known as the Mata­bele Mas­sacre) 18.Mozam­bique 19.D)Ethiopia 20.C)Bu­rundi

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