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Why flirting gives men a boost…


LONDON: Researcher­s at the University of California recently conducted an experiment to see if men experience­d the boost observed in animals known as “mating response”, and discovered that yes, they certainly did.

They recruited 149 male students aged between 18 and 24, put a third of them in a room to talk to a 25-year-old male researcher, while the rest spoke to one of seven female undergradu­ates aged 18 to 22.

After a five-minute session, the men were asked to rate the attractive­ness of the women between one and seven. The average score was 5.83.

The participan­ts then produced a saliva sample. The men who’d talked to a woman showed, on average, a 14 percent increase in their testostero­ne levels, while their cortisol levels were up 48 percent.

These hormones are associated with alertness and well-being, so these men were feeling a lot better after their five-minute chat.

The men who’d talked to the male researcher saw their testostero­ne and cortisol drop 2 percent and 7 percent respective­ly and weren’t feeling so pukka.

So, gentlemen, next time you’re caught flirting just say, “I was, but as a result, I’m so full of testostero­ne and cortisol, I feel fabulous.

“It’s an animal thing,” you can add, “Take a look at the most recent proceeding­s of the Royal Society. It’s all in there.” – Belfast Telegraph

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