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AN INSURANCE company is using scare tactics to encourage people to buy “hijacking insurance”.

“You are not only in danger when driving in high risk areas, but especially when you go home. Every time you enter your garden, you are in great danger since the majority of car jackings take place in the driveways of homes…

“You can either stay at home for the entire day, or you can make sure that you have hijacking insurance,” reads an internet advert posted by Redisure.

While a representa­tive for Redisure could not be contacted, the South African Insurance Associatio­n (SAIA) has slammed the advert, advising that comprehens­ive vehicle insurance already covers theft of a car through hijacking.

SAIA spokeswoma­n, Viviene Pearson said insurance companies should be advising people on how to minimise the risks of hijackings, not tapping into their fears of becoming a victim.

She applauded police for reducing the number of hijackings over the past two years, but warns that the level of the crime is still too high.

“More concerted efforts are required by Business Against Crime and police in solving the problem,” Pearson said.

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