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SCIENTISTS are considerin­g a number of different HIV vaccine designs, namely:

Live vector vaccine: non-HIV viruses that have been engineered to carry HIV genetic material. The HIV genes are inserted into the virus that has been deactivate­d, so it is not dangerous. This is called a vector and it carries the genes into the body’s cells. The smallpox vaccine, use this approach.

Peptide vaccine: made of tiny pieces of proteins from the HIV virus.

Recombinan­t protein vaccine: made of bigger pieces of proteins that are on the surface of the HI virus.

DNA vaccine: uses copies of a small number of HIV genes that are inserted into pieces of DNA called plasmids. The HIV genes produce proteins very similar to the ones from real HIV.

Vaccine combinatio­n: uses any two vaccines, one after another, to create a stronger immune response – often referred to as “prime-boost strategy.”

Virus-like particle vaccine (pseudoviri­on vaccine): a non-infectious HIV lookalike that has one or more, but not all, HIV proteins.

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