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… but she admits that she’s a little limp in the kitchen


MERYL Streep may have starred as chef-legend Julia Child, but in real life she says she is nothing more than an okay cook. The American actress says she watched all of the Julia Child cooking shows in preparing for Julie & Julia, including earlier shows from when Child was not yet the cultural icon that America came to know.

“I cook okay. I cook every night, so every night is not great,” Streep said on Thursday at the Rome Film Festival.

Streep said she can’t match Child’s dexterity with knives.

“I am really not that adept a cook as she was, especially with that rapid-fire knife,” she said. “If I did that in my kitchen everybody would run because there would be a lot of blood, probably.”

The Nora Ephron movie juxtaposes Child’s life with that of a young woman who decides to spend a year cooking all 524 recipes in Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking and blog about it.

Streep was scheduled to collect a career achievemen­t award in Rome on Friday. The festival has been showing a retrospect­ive of her work, from her Oscar-winning performanc­es in Kramer vs Kramer and Sophie’s Choice to more recent successes in films such as The Devil Wears Prada.

Known for being a perfection­ist in her work, starting with her legendary mastery of accent, Streep says it’s the flaws that most interest her in a character.

“It is the human frailty that most interests me in my work,” she said. “To discover what is not perfect”.

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