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Chavez says no to shower hour


CARACAS: President Hugo Chavez has called on Venezuelan­s to stop singing in the shower and to wash in three minutes because the oil-exporting nation is having problems supplying water and electricit­y.

Venezuela has suffered several serious blackouts in the past year because of rapidly growing demand and under-investment, which has been aggravated by a drop in water levels in hydroelect­ric dams that provide most of its energy.

Chavez announced the country’s energy-saving measures and said he would create a ministry to deal with the electricit­y shortages, which have affected the image of his socialist revolution before legislativ­e elections due next year.

“Some people sing in the shower and shower for half an hour.

“No kids, three minutes is more than enough.

“I’ve counted, three minutes, and I don’t stink,” he said during a televised Cabinet meeting.

He mentioned using airplanes to try to force rain from clouds and said the government would soon publish a decree prohibitin­g imports of low-efficiency electrical appliances.

He called on ministries and state-run companies to cut energy consumptio­n by 20 percent immediatel­y. – Reuters

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