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Certain group of people within their rights


FOLLOWING the letter that was published in last Sunday’s newspaper, I wish to draw Mrs Banks’s attention to the following points:

Your area (as you put it) includes the land and building that you acquired, hopefully, via the legal process. The Blue Lagoon is a public area that can be enjoyed by any member of the public.

If the Blue Lagoon was “your area” the organisers would have approached you for permission to host a fireworks display.

For the record, the fireworks display was authorised by the rightful custodians of that area.

The days of colonial land thefts are long over and I have much doubt that you will succeed in annexing the Blue Lagoon.

The fireworks display held at the Absa Stadium after the last Currie Cup final and the weekend-long air show that took place at the Virginia airport were just as noisy as the Blue Lagoon display. Both venues are close to the Blue Lagoon.

I wonder if you objected to both these events which would, surely, have had the same effect on the poor birds.

In considerin­g point four, one could be forgiven for assuming that your frustratio­n was aimed more at a “certain group of people” than the fireworks display they hosted.

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