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Birds and the Blue Lagoon belong to all the citizens of SA


THE LETTER from Mrs Banks in the Sunday Tribune (October 18) cannot pass without a response.

Firstly, I would like to point out to her that it is not her area as she states. She resides in the the Riverside area and the adjoining Blue Lagoon belongs to every citizen of South Africa.

Honestly, I don’t really like the big bangs myself and there is other stuff I don’t agree with, but I am tolerant of these things as they are part of our lives and culture.

Your letter shows a lot of concern for the birds in “your area”. One can’t help but wonder if that is your real issue or if you have hidden agendas, because birds are to be found in every area of the country.

I am glad that you care about the birds, but the unfortunat­e reality is that it would be impossible to protect the birds or any other animal for that matter from humans (some of us explode fireworks while others invade the territory of birds and monkeys and build our homes there, forcing them to move out).

So learn to be tolerant of others and others will keep on being tolerant of you.

Keep on caring for the birds as there is nothing wrong with that. I hope that you are contributi­ng to some organisati­on that takes care of them.

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