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Limit celebratio­ns to just one night


WE LIVE in a multi-cultural society and I respect all cultures for their various celebratio­ns.

However, I do think the Diwali fireworks are way over the top. I live in Umhlanga Rocks, and the noise was deafening from Friday, October 16, on Saturday until after 1am and also on Sunday night until late. It is ridiculous that the noise is allowed for three consecutiv­e nights. Not only the animals but also people are affected.

I understand that this is the “Festival of Lights” and that Diwali folk need to celebrate, however this should be restricted to one night from 8pm until 10pm. This way there is a compromise and most people would be happy.

At Cape St Francis, Eastern Cape, there is a complete ban on fireworks. As you drive into the town there is a big sign saying so. I am not suggesting a complete ban, but a compromise.

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