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Well done, Shamila Batohi


THE RISE of Shamila Batohi to the higher echelons of her profession underlines a number of deep human thoughts for those who know and have followed her career as a student, attorney and head of the NPA in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

The most important thing is that irrespecti­ve of one’s background, hard work, dedication, commitment and striving for excellence can lead to the realisatio­n of one’s dreams, mission and fulfilment of aspiration­s.

The second is that without humility, irrespecti­ve of one’s achievemen­ts in life, one cannot be a genuine role model for the future generation­s. Batohi, despite her achievemen­ts, is a very humble and genuine person.

We are all aware of her deep commitment to, and love for our country which she expressed after her high-level appointmen­t to the Internatio­nal Criminal Court of Justice in the Hague.

Her departure is a sad loss to our province, country and people, but it is a gift to her family and justice and humanity.

Role models are never born, they are shaped by social circumstan­ces. Batohi’s struggle to become an outstandin­g role model will certainly continue in her new role. Her history, passion, respect for people and brilliance are our guarantee.

Congratula­tions, Shamila!


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