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‘Donation’must be probed


THE ANC ran a R400 million election campaign. At each rally, top musicians were hired and lunch was offered to thousands who attended.

Millions were spent on media advertisem­ents, including TV prime time ads. Blankets, T-shirts, jackets and hats with President Jacob Zuma’s image were made.

Where and how did the ANC get money for all this? After 2004, an Oilgate scandal emerged that implicated Kgalema Motlanthe. Now, after the 2009 election, the media exposed the Sipho Shabalalag­ate scandal.

It is alleged that this senior KwaZulu-Natal official solicited a R1m bribe from Gaston Savoi in return for a R44m project in the KwaZuluNat­al Health Department.

How is it this former KwaZulu government employee was never purged by the ANC?

Is he a loyal bureaucrat who can serve under any political partys? Even a chameleon does not change colours perfectly like Shabalala. He has served under all KZN’s premiers with distinctio­n.

Another question: if allegation­s are true that he raised funds for the ANC, what does it tell us about the politicisa­tion of the state?

How many government employees did fundraisin­g for the expensive ANC campaign to protect their jobs or businesses registered under the names of their spouses or children?

I agree with Cope that an independen­t commission be set up to look at Ithala matters, vis-à-vis loans written off by this bank. Both Premier Zweli Mkhize and Shabalala cannot be referees and players at the same time. Shabalala must be suspended.


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