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Cape Town: a model city for SA


“CAPE Town a gem to visit” (Sunday Tribune, October 18) refers.

Jenni Boyd quite rightfully mentions all the wonderful things about the Mother City that sadly knock spots off Durban. The main reason Cape Town is such a wellmanage­d city is due to its being run by a DA-led coalition.

In this coalition there is accountabi­lity, deadlines to be met, pride in serving the people and, above all, no deployment of party hacks.

Helen Zille did not become the top mayor in the world by sitting back and drinking coffee. It was leadership, excellent management and team work that brought in the results.

I used to live in Durban and it makes me sad to see how this once beautiful city has gone backwards. Can you imagine what heights this city would reach under a DA-led city council?

To the people of South Africa, I say watch how the Western Cape is governed – this can serve as the template for the rest of the country in 2014.

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