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Zuma needs to discipline ‘Big Four’


HAVING recently discovered that the UKZN has its own Einstein Club, I would respectful­ly suggest that they offer South Africa’s “Big Four” honorary membership. I refer, of course, to Julius Malema, Gwede Mantashe, Blade Nzimande and Zwelinzima Vavi who are blissfully unaware that the Berlin Wall fell more than 20 years ago, and that communism is dead.

They also remain unaware that Africa’s latter-day imperialis­ts, the Chinese, are insidiousl­y recolonisi­ng the continent, with their capitalist aspiration­s, while ruling their workforce with an iron fist of socialism back home in China.

In other words, if any of these Mensa candidates lived in China and they rabble roused the way they are doing here, they would be jailed, if not shot.

Their desire to assume control of the Reserve Bank and outlaw labour brokers is worthy of a Monty Python script, but Jacob Zuma must decide if it is him or these buffoons who are running the country.

I have no doubt that intelligen­t people would prefer Zuma to put his foot down against his alliance partners and prevent South Africa from sinking into an abyss.

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