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Essentials of emigrating to Australia


WHEN emigrating to Australia, it is what you don’t know that causes more problems than anything else. This is according to Aus-Migrant’s Jeremy Boyce, who has been helping South Africans move to Australia for the past seven years. He has compiled a basic list of pointers and tips for those considerin­g making the move. “The first thing to remember is that not everyone can emigrate to Australia,” says Boyce. “The best way to determine your visa eligibilit­y is to contact a specialist company like Aus-Migrant.

“Secondly, you need to emigrate for the right reasons. Above all, do not consider emigrating in order to escape the problems you have at home. Experience shows that most of your problems will follow you!” Boyce advises that before spending any money or rushing into anything, you should first write down a list of the pros and cons of emigrating to Australia – and then analyse the result.

“You have to be committed,” he continues. “It is going to take you at least two years to settle down in Australia, so be sure you are totally committed to making the move.

“Once your decision is made, don’t delay in applying. Changes are regularly made to the Australian emigration laws, so get in while the laws suit you. Most changes to Australian migration laws do not affect applicatio­ns that have already been lodged, so the sooner you apply the safer you are.

“Most importantl­y, you need informatio­n. You need to know the options available in relation to your exit strategy, and when you get to Australia, you need to know how things work there. It’s what you don’t know that can cause delays and extra costs.

“Aus-Migrant can help by providing this informatio­n in order for you to effectivel­y and happily settle in Australia.” Contact Aus-Migrant on 083 355 8272 or e-mail

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