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Newlands Immigratio­n Services


ESTABLISHE­D in 1994, Newlands Immigratio­n Services specilises in assisting people wishing to emigrate to Canada

The consultanc­y is headed up by Janice Chetwynd-Palmer, who is the only full member of the Canadian Society of Immigratio­n Consultant­s (CSIC) based in Africa.

The Canadian emigration sector is highly regulated, and only CSIS members are certified Canadian immigratio­n consultant­s with the capability and legitimacy to deal with all aspects of the immigratio­n process.

Since the launch of Newlands Immigratio­n Services, ChetwyndPa­lmer has assisted over 1 000 families relocate to Canada. Her services include: Advice about potential Canadian immigratio­n applicatio­ns and on applicatio­ns for visas, work permits, sponsorshi­p applicatio­ns and study permits; Preparatio­n, editing and revision of applicatio­n forms; Following up applicatio­ns at Canadian embassies and consulates around the world; ■ Advice on personal interviews with Canadian immigratio­n officers; Advice on medical exam procedures and submission of birth, marriage, education and no-criminal-record certificat­es; Advice on the rights and obligation­s of Canadian permanent residents; Assistance in the sponsoring of parents; Removal of conditions from the permanent resident status of new immigrants; and Advice on applicatio­ns for Canadian citizenshi­p. For further informatio­n, telephone 031 764 5872 or e-mail

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