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I watched in utter fascinatio­n as the male presenters of the curiously named Cigare (SABC3, October 14 at 8.31pm.) did all sorts of blokey things, like getting sick in aeroplanes, riding scooters through the streets of Rome and, improbably, making muffins.

But they saved the best for last with coverage of the bimbo de jour who wriggled in contrived poses and then stunned viewers with her intellect. What, she was asked, is the biggest problem facing society today?

“Oh, the recession,” she simpered. “It means that I cannot buy all the shoes I would like to. I look at them in the window and they say to me, ‘please buy me,’ but I can’t, because of the recession.” Whoever said that beauty and brains don’ mix?

John Gardener, Underberg


It is disappoint­ing to note that since Top Gear, which is now screened on BBC Entertainm­ent, has been removed from the late night, Saturday slot. I am aware of the week night slots, but this is too late. It would be highly appreciate­d if this could be rerun on Saturday nights as it used to on BBC Knowledge. Annoyed Top Gear Fan, by e


A spokespers­on for BBC Worldwide Channels responds:

“We’re delighted that the new series of Top Gear is popular with viewers. The premiere episodes of series 12 air at 9.30pm each Wednesday. That week’s episode is then repeated on Sundays at 7.30pm and then later at 11.15pm to allow as many people as possible to catch up at a time of day that suits them. “


On September 30, Yu-Gi-Oh Gx was to be continued. Then at 4.30pm, October 1, I watched the whole of the same episode again. Here’s what I thought, ‘Man,that was one long prelude!’ So what happened there?

Indira, by e-mail A spokesman for SABC2 says: We have checked to verify this, and according to our system, two different tapes, with two different numbers went out. So it was impossible to have replayed the same episode. “


What interestin­g documentar­y gems we find on SABC1 and SABC2, sometimes by chance. On SABC1, Tuesday, 9pm, Precious Africa takes us travelling through countries in Africa – and what a delightful person Precious is is. I love her excited jumping when she is enthralled with something! .

A recent programme seen (on SABC2) on tea-growing in South Africa, Limpopo/E. Cape and Kwazulu Natal was extremely interestin­g But where can the public buy this tea, which is known to be premium quality tea? And why has production dropped since 2004 and only 5% of what is produced available to us in our own country? There is so much that the local consumer needs to be educated about.

Jay and Kay, by e-mail The documentar­y was produced by Greenstone Marketing on behalf of Tshivhase Tea Estates, who answer as follows:

1 The documentar­y is called Discoverin­g South African Tea One Cup at a time, which was hosted and narrated by Shonisani Muleya, otherwise known as Ashifashab­ba.

2 At the moment, different tea estates mainly sell to communitie­s surroundin­g each estate with the exception of Ntingwe Tea which is sold in selected Woolworths stores. The Tea estate in Venda has recently launched their own brand of Tea called Midi Tea and this is currently sold in few retail outlets in Limpopo. Negotiatio­ns are in progress with Pick n Pay, Shoprite and Spar to also stock Midi Tea.

3 The reason production dropped is because demand dropped. SA Tea estates could not get local prices that reflect quality of the tea and even their production costs. Local tea blenders preferred to get tea cheaper from neighbouri­ng countries and this put pressure on SA Tea estates and in turn local jobs maintained by the Tea growing industry.

4 The reason only 5% of what is produced was sold locally is because the SA Tea estates would get better prices in export markets which appreciate­d SA tea more than the local blenders.

5 The documentar­y was made to raise awareness of SA tea and encourage South Africans to buy and support local tea brands so that demand is sustainabl­e.


You recently published a query from DL Pearce about rain affecting DStv reception. My experience may be of help to Pearce and others. I had my DStv installed in winter 2008, and there were no problems unless it rained. Even the slightest drizzle caused the picture on some channels to “break up”. After several months I got the technician­s back, and they said that the dish had possibly been put out of position by monkeys and they adjusted it.

After they had left, I found that some channels which had previously been OK were then giving a very poor picture or no picture at all. The technician­s returned and moved the entire dish about 15cm lower. That was eight months ago, and since then I have had perfect reception, in all weather conditions. The dish was obviously incorrectl­y positioned in the first place, but it seems to be a fine art, and adjustment­s may be necessary.

Rose S, Berea


Please let me know what has happened to the Radio guide in the Tribune for RSG programmes. It was requested months ago and TheGuide made room for it. Now it has disappeare­d. Why??

David Jacobs, by e-mail We are always trying to maximise our space and, up until your letter, have received only one other request for this station. Are other readers interested in having programme highlights? – Editor

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