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Series 2 of Mistresses starts screening on BBC Entertainm­ent (channel 120 on DStv), from Tuesday, November 3 at 8.30pm and continues every Tuesday at the same time.

You don't wake up wanting to be someone’s mistress – somehow it just happens…

You meet someone, fall in love, it feels right, but you know they’re married and you know it’s wrong. Set in a world where friends have become the new family, Mistresses follows the lives and loves of a group of 30-something girlfriend­s who met at university and are still good friends, but whose lives, and love lives, have taken very different turns.

It’s one year on from the events of the first series, and the emotional lives of Katie, Trudi, Siobhan and Jessica are as complex as ever.

Katie retrains as a hospital doctor, where she meets charming and attractive surgeon Dan, but is she really ready to surrender her carefully guarded single status?

Beset by financial worries, Trudi starts supplying cakes to the local deli run by the gorgeous and much younger Lucas.

Siobhan has worked hard at her relationsh­ip with Hari. But there’s something missing, which causes Siobhan to seek solace in the arms of strangers. And it's all change for Jessica. The archetypal single girl is getting married. Her fiancé, Mark Hardy, is a dashing entreprene­ur and a real tart. It’s as Siobhan, Shelley Conn as Jessica

What the press says about Mistresses: “Well-made and classily performed, but above all, juicy.” (Guardian)

“Grittier than Sex And The City, it shows the impact of all the lies and deceit that are the price of the thrills and excitement of an illicit affair.” (Express on Sunday) the perfect match. Or is it?

With their friendship to hold them together, the four battle through love, lust, lies, and infidelity. Part drama, part thriller, this bold take on modern life and love continues to be captivatin­g viewing. Sarah Parish stars as Katie Sharon Small as Trudi Orla Brady

 ??  ?? CLOCKWISE (from left) Jessica (Shelley Conn), Siobhan (Orla Brady), Katie (Sarah Parish ) and Trudi (Sharon Small).
CLOCKWISE (from left) Jessica (Shelley Conn), Siobhan (Orla Brady), Katie (Sarah Parish ) and Trudi (Sharon Small).

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